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REVISED 3/20/2002 & 3/26/02 & 4/23/02

These rules and regulations are authorized by the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Association and they have been enacted to clarify and implement the authority of the governing documents of Compass Lake in the Hills.


1.         MEMBERSHIP.    Each person who purchases a lot will be considered a member of the Association if:


            A.        Recorded Deed.    Said person has a recorded deed showing ownership of a lot. It is the responsibility of each owner to notify the Association concerning the owner's membership and where the property owner listing in the Association office does not include the newly recorded deed, a copy of said deed must be provided to the Association office.


            B.         Recorded Contract for Deed.   An owner who has purchased a lot by Contract for Deed, must have said Contract for Deed recorded in Jackson County.


            C.        Voting Representative of Multiple Owners.   Where more than one person holds an interest in a lot, one person shall be designated in writing as the voting member of said lot.  The designated voting member may be changed by a new written designation filed with the Association.


            D.        Corporate Ownership.   Where a corporation, partnership, trust, or other artificial person owns a lot, the officers, directors and employees designated in writing by the corporation shall be deemed members, up to a maximum of five.  Changes in said members shall be made in writing and may only be made once a year by said entity. A designated voting member for each lot owned by a corporation, partnership, trust, or other artificial person shall be designated in writing.  The designated voting member may be changed by a new written designation filed with the Association.


            E.         Designated User.   The ownership of a lot entitles the owner to Association membership and usage and access to the facilities and amenities provided by the Association by the member and the member's immediate family.  If one lot is owned by more than one person or family, or by a corporation, partnership, trust or other artificial person, the member designated to use the facilities and amenities shall be determined among the members themselves and may be changed each fiscal year.  In the case of a corporation, partnership, trust or other artificial person, no more than five (5) persons shall be designated to have use and access to the facilities and amenities during any calendar year.  In the case of a lot owned by more than one person or one family, the owners shall designate only one family to have use and access to the facilities and amenities during any calendar year.

                        When a residence on a lot is rented, the member may designate the tenant living on the lot as the designated user.  Written notification of the designated user must be sent to the Association office and will be kept on record there.  When a new designated user is named and the Association receives the written notification, the previous named user will be removed and the new designated user will be recorded that day.




            A.        GENERAL RULES.    Members, tenants and guest are required to comply with all rules governing use of the amenities and facilities owned and managed by the Association.


                        1.         Available Facilities and Amenities.   The facilities and amenities at Compass Lake in the Hills are owned or managed by Compass Lake in the Hills Property Owners Association, Inc. which has established rules and regulations governing their use for the benefit of members and their tenants and guests.  Facilities and amenities are available for use only by members and their tenants and guests.







2.         One-half the Amenities.   No more than one-half the amenities may be reserved for use  by a property owner and his guests or for use by any one group for any one period of time; with the exception of cabins which shall be on a first-come, first-serve basis provided that any one group renting more than five (5) cabins and/or RV spaces must rent them for two (2) nights minimum.


                        3.         Delinquent Charges..   The facilities and amenities of the Association shall not be available for the use of members or their tenants or guests when the members are delinquent for more than 30 days in the payment of any assessment or charge due the Association.  The use of facilities and amenities is subject to the rules and regulations of the Association and proof of membership in the Association.


                        4.         Guest Passes.   Guest passes are for the convenience of the homeowners. Homeowners may purchase, prior to the use of any facilities or amenities, guest passes for their guests, who are staying in their homes (not to exceed 10 guests (1) at any one time), at a cost of $2.50 per individual, for a period of up to 7 days. The pass must be authorized by and signed by the homeowner. Guest passes are not required if the guest is accompanied by the homeowner when using facilities and amenities. (1) Exceptions may be approved at the discretion of the Manager.


                        5.         Reservation Policy.   The Association has established a reservation policy for certain amenities and facilities at Compass Lake in the Hills.  Members, tenants and guests shall comply with the policies for reservation for each designated facility.


                        6.         Pets Not Allowed.   No animals or pets are allowed on or in the facilities or amenities of the Association located at McCormick Lake, Compass Lake, the Lodge facilities and adjacent areas, the riding and stable areas, or the cabins and surrounding areas.


                        7.         Hours of Operation.    Hours of operation for facilities and amenities have been established by the Association and may fluctuate seasonally.


                        8.         Children..    Children under 12 shall not be left unattended and staff members and employees of the Association shall not baby sit.  (7/28/98) Dependent children living in their parents homes are limited to no more than two  (2) guests, and must be in constant supervision of their guests at all times. More than two guests are  not allowed unless authorized by the Recreation Office based upon availability and proper supervision.


                        9.         Use at Own Risk.    All persons use recreation facilities at their own risk.  Basic first aid supplies are available at the Lodge.


                        10.       Loss or Damage.    Any person responsible for loss of or damage to any equipment or facility shall be liable for cost of replacement or repair.  Member shall be responsible for any loss or damage by their guests or tenants.


                        11.       Charges and Sales Tax.    Reasonable charges for the use of facilities, amenities and services have been established by the Association.  Any member, guest or tenant using facilities, amenities, or services shall be responsible for such charges and any applicable Florida sales tax.


                        12.       Proper Attire and Conduct.    During the use of Association amenities and facilities, appropriate attire and conduct are required at all times.  No profanity, excessive drinking, obscene conduct, or irresponsible behavior of any kind shall be permitted anytime, anywhere at Compass Lake in the Hills facilities or amenities.


                        13.       Indoor Smoking Prohibited..    Except for the cabins, no smoking shall be permitted in any indoor facilities operated by the Association unless an area has been designated by the Board for smoking.


                        14.       Revocation of Privileges.    The Association Manager or Designee may withdraw or revoke the privilege of using the facilities or amenities for failure to comply with the rules or abuse of the privilege.


                        15.       Vehicle Identification..    All vehicles at amenities shall display appropriate Compass Lake in the Hills Property Owners Association identification at all times.  Appropriate identification for members and their tenants and guests may be obtained at the Lodge. 




B.         LODGE FACILITIES.    The Recreation Office is located in the Lodge and is open 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. , seven days a week. weather and availability permitting. The Lodge also serves meals for members, tenants and guests.


                        1.         Meals.   Family-style buffet meals are available at the Lodge for overnight cabin guests; reservations must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance and regular meal prices apply. Meals are available to other members and their tenants and guests at the set charge, and reservations must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance.  Cancellations must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to meal time or full price will be charged. For meal reservations call (850) 579-4303.


                        2.         Casual Attire.    Casual attire is acceptable in the Lodge, however, no bare chest or feet shall be permitted, and swimsuits must be covered with appropriate wraps.  These requirements apply to persons of all ages.


                        3.         Pool Table.    For maximum pool table fun, please observe game etiquette.  Unacceptable behavior is not permitted. Persons under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. No food or drink containers shall be permitted on the pool table. No sitting on the table is permitted.  All pool cues shall be returned to their designated place when players are finished. Players are limited to one hour of time on the pool table unless otherwise authorized by the Recreation Office based upon availability.


                        4.         Staff Availability.    The Lodge is open from 8:00 a.m. until 10.30 p.m., however, no staff will be available after 4:30 p.m.


            C.        CABIN FACILITIES..    Overlooking Compass Lake are ten (10) cabin units, air-conditioned, heated and fully furnished.  Cabins are available to members and their guests. Check-in is from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the date of arrival, and check-out is from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. Meals are available at the Lodge to cabin guests at regular prices, reservations 24 hours in advance.            For reservation information, call (850) 579-4303.


                        1.         Cabin Reservations.    Cabins are available to members, tenants and guests by reservation on  a first-come, first-serve basis.  No more than six (6) persons per cabin. Reservations can be made up to seven (7) days, but not to be made more than two (2) months in advance of a members scheduled stay.  Depending upon availability, arrangements for a longer stay may be made on the first day of a member's reservation.


                        2.         Cabin Deposits.    There is a charge and a deposit is required within seven (7) days of making the reservation.  Balance of the occupancy charge must be paid at the time of check-in.


                        3.         Cancellation and Early Departure..    Cancellation of reservations must be made at least seven (7) days prior to check in time or the deposit will be forfeited.  If the members or guests leave early, one-half of each remaining day of the occupancy charge will be due from the departing member or guest.


                        4.         No Pets Allowed.    No pets shall be allowed in cabins. Persons who sneak pets into cabins shall be required to remove the pet immediately, and will be charged a $50.00 extermination fee.


                        5.         Fish Cleaning Prohibited.    Fish shall not be cleaned in cabins, and staff members shall not be permitted to clean fish at anytime.


            D.        TENNIS COURTS.    Tennis courts are available for use by members, tenants and guests.  Tennis rackets and balls may be signed out and in at the Recreation Office.


                        1.         Equipment Availability.    All equipment must be returned to the Recreation Office in the same condition as received.


                        2.         Tennis Shoes Required.    Tennis shoes shall be worn on the courts at all times.


                        3.         Tennis Only.  Tennis courts shall be used for tennis only and for no other purpose.


.                       4.         Food and Beverages Prohibited  No food or beverages shall be permitted on the tennis courts at any time.



5.         Court Etiquette and Time Limit..    Players shall observe court etiquette. Maximum playing time is limited to two (2) hours unless otherwise authorized at Recreation Office.


                        6.         Night Tennis.  Light switches are in a locked box on a utility pole near the courts. Key to switches is available at the Lodge Office before 4:30 PM.


            E.         SWIMMING POOL.    The swimming pool is available for members, tenants and guests. Pool capacity is nineteen (19) persons.


                        1.         No Lifeguard.    Members, tenants and guests swim at their own risk.  There is no lifeguard on duty.

                        2.         Children.    Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


                        3.         Shower Before Entering.    Bathers must shower before entering pool and suntan oil shall be used sparingly.

                        4.         Proper Attire.   Appropriate swim wear is required by all bathers.


                        5.         Breakable Containers Prohibited.    No breakable containers or toys shall be permitted in pool or on the pool deck.


                        6.         Food and Drinks Prohibited.    No food or drinks shall be permitted within five (5) feet of pool or in pool.

                        7.         No Running Permitted.    No running or rough play shall be permitted in the pool area.


                        8.         No Diving Permitted.    No diving shall be permitted in shallow end of the  pool.


                        9.         Proper Behavior Required.    Irresponsible behavior and rowdiness will not be permitted in the swimming pool area.


            F.         EQUESTRIAN AREA.    Horses are available for members, tenants and guests at times specified by the Recreation Office Personnel. Horses may appear to be available, however, they may have been ridden earlier, or may be unavailable for other reasons. Stable hours will fluctuate in the heat of summer.


                        1.         Ride at Own Risk.    Members, tenants and guests ride at your own risk.


                        2.         First-Time Participants.    All first-time equestrian participants must ride in paddock under supervision of Association staff before being permitted on trails.


                        3.         Use of Trails.    Experienced riders over 12 years of age may ride guided trails.


                        4.         Proper Attire.    For your protection, proper riding attire is recommended including long pants.  Closed shoes, boots or sneakers are required. Riders shall not be permitted to wear sandals or flip flops.


                        5.         Running Prohibited.    No running of horses at any time either on trails or in paddock area shall be permitted.


                        6.         Trail Guide Supervision.    A trail guide shall supervise all rides.


                        7.         Guide Instructions.    Riders shall follow all instructions by the guide, stay on the same side of the road and keep one horse length between horses.  Failure to comply with these instructions will be cause to revoke the privilege to ride the horses.


                        8.         Private Stabling Prohibited.    Compass Lake in the Hills shall neither stable nor pasture privately owned horses.






             G.       GOLF RANGE.    The golf range is available for members, tenants and guests.


                        1.         Two-Person Limit.    Only two (2) persons at a time shall be permitted on driving tee.


                        2.         Children.    Persons under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


                        3.         Proper Use of Range.    Balls shall be driven down range away from the Lodge, pool area and tennis courts.


            H.        BOATING AND FISHING.    Members, tenants and guests may rent fishing boats at the Recreation Office. Fishing boats are rented for four (4) hours (8 a.m. to 12 noon; 12 noon to 4 p.m.; 4  p.m. to 8 a.m. (overnight)); and seasonally, usage may be extended by the Recreation Office if boats are available. The Pontoon Boat on Compass Lake may be rented by the hour OR for four hours on the same schedule as above for fishing boats. (4:00 pm to 8:00 am rentals must be four hour rental.)  Persons under 21 years of age using the Pontoon Boat must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


                        1.         Operate at Own Risk.    Boats shall be operated at the risk of the operator.  Persons under eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


                        2.         Proper Conduct Required.    Orderly conduct of boat operators and passengers shall be required at all times.

                        3.         Life Preservers.    Life preservers, as required by State law, and appropriate safety equipment on boats is required at all times.  Life preservers, paddles and other safety equipment are available at the Recreation Office.


                        4.         Fishing License.    Anglers must have a valid Florida freshwater fishing license.


                        5.         Fish Cleaning.    Staff members shall neither clean  nor cook fish for members or guests.


            J.          McCORMICK BEACH COMPLEX.    The lake house with kitchen at McCormick Lake is available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis by members, tenants and cabin guests. Cancellation of reservations for the lake house must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the reservation date or the entire rental amount shall be due from whomever made the reservation. An amenities rental and concession stand at the McCormick Beach Complex is open on a seasonal basis.


                        1.         Reservations and Capacity..    Reservations can be made up to six (6) months in advance by calling the Recreation Office. The capacity of McCormick Lake House is ninety-six (96) persons and no use shall exceed the allowed capacity.


                        2.         Security Required.    Any function for persons twenty-five (25) years or younger held after sundown shall require security. The security guard shall be hired by the Association at the expense of the member, tenant or guest reserving the facility.


                        3.         Limit on Use.    Reservation and use of the McCormick Lake House shall be limited to one (1) time per month by any member, tenant, guest or group unless the Recreation Office otherwise allows based on availability.


                        4.         Clean-up.    A member, tenant or guest reserving McCormick Lake House is required to sign an agreement accepting responsibility  for the complete cleanup  of the facility and equipment and for any damage.


                          5.       Deposit.    A cleanup deposit of $50.00 is required, which is refundable after approved inspection.                        

6.         Overnight Stays Prohibited.    Staying overnight at the McCormick Lake House is NOT


                        7.         Association Functions.   Property Owner Association functions are exempt from the six (6) month reservation limit and rental charges.





8.         Pavilion Rentals..    Half or all of the 100 capacity pavilion or the smaller pavilion at McCormick Lake may be reserved with a rental fee by members or their cabin guests or tenants. Reservations for the large pavilion may be made up to three (3) months in advance and reservations for the smaller pavilion may be made up to one (1) month in advance by calling the Recreation Office. Pavilions may not be reserved for the same family or group for any two (2) consecutive weekends unless it is available three (3) days prior to the second reservation date.


                        9.         Profit-Making Functions Prohibited.    No profit-making functions or activities shall be permitted at the McCormick Beach Complex.


                        10.       No Gasoline Engines Permitted..    Use of gasoline powered engines is not permitted on Lake McCormick or other water body located within the property of Compass Lake in the Hills except on Compass Lake.  Boats shall use oars, paddles or electric powered trolling motors.


            K.        HIGH PINES PICNIC AREA.    The High Pines Picnic Area is a rustic location with no facilities. For information on the Picnic Area, call the Recreation office.


            L.         NEW FRONTIER RV PARK.    The New Frontier Recreational Vehicle Park contains six (6) utility hook-ups, a dumping station, restrooms, and showers for members, tenants and guests with recreational vehicles.  Information and reservations are available at the Recreation Office.


                        1.         Charges.    There is a rental charge and state sales tax due for all RV Park use.


                        2.         Keys.    The facilities are for the use of RV Park only and a key will be issued to campers at the time of check-in.

                        3.         Restrooms and Showers.    Restrooms and showers must be locked at all times.


                        4.         Meals.    Meals are available at the Lodge for a set price.  Reservations must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance.


                        5.         Pets.    Only in the RV Park are pets permitted and pets must be leashed at all times. Pet owners who allow pets loose will be required to leave.


                        6.         Clean-up.    RV sites shall be kept clean at all times, and all trash shall be disposed of in proper containers. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
























M.        FEES.    Fees for the use of amenities and facilities are listed below and are subject to appropriate sales tax.


                        1.         Use of Cabins ( NO Meals Included)

                                    (a)   Members  (2)                                                                    $49.00 per day

                                    (b)   Extra persons (1 yr. of age & older)                                  $  5.00 per day per person

                                    (c)   Guests of Members  (2)                                                     $65.00 per day

                                    (d)   Extra persons (1 yr. of age & older)                                  $  5.00 per day per person

                                    (e)   Rollaway/Crib                                                                   $  3.00 per visit


                        2.         R.V. Park

                                    (a)   Members                                                              $15.00 per day

                                    (b)   Guests of Members                                                           $20.00 per day

                                    (c)   Only one (1) R.V. or tent per lot


                        3.         Food Charges


                                                    (a)   Breakfast                                                                      $  4.50

                                         (b)  Lunch                                                               $  5.00

                                         (c)   Dinner                                                              $  5.50

                                      Saturday & Sunday

                                         (a)  Breakfast                                                                      $  4.50

                                         (b)  Lunch                                                               $  5.50

                                         (c)  Dinner                                                               $  5.00


                        4.         Use of Amenities         

                                    (a)   Canoes, peddle boats, funyaks, aqua cycles, etc.)              $  1.00 per hour

                                    (b)   Fishing boat, trolling motor & battery (McCormick Lake)  $  4.00 trip

                                    (c)   Fishing boat, gas motor (Compass Lake)                           $  7.00 trip

                                    (d)   Pontoon Boat (Compass Lake)                                         $ 25.00 (2 hr.s.)

                                            Pontoon Boat (Compass Lake)                                         $ 40.00 trip (4 hrs.)

                                    (e)   Golf Balls                                                              $   2.00 bucket

                                    (f)   Horseback Riding                                                  $   5.00 per person

                                    (g)   Campsite Pond                                                                  $   5.00 per night

                                    (h)   Guest Passes (10 per prop.owner at any one time)    $  2.50 per person(up to 7 days)


                        5.         Use of McCormick Lake House and Pavilions

                                    (a)   Lake House Utility Charge                                     $100.00

                                    (b)   Lake House Clean-up Deposit                                          $  50.00 (refundable)

                                    (c)   Dance floor (down & up)                                      $  25.00

                                    (d)   Large pavilion                                                                   $ 30.00

                                    (e)   1/2 of Large pavilion                                                          $  15.00

                                    (f)   Small pavilion                                                                     $    5.00

                                    (g)   Seasonal water toys and refreshments are available

                                            at the McCormick Lakehouse at posted prices.


            N.        KEY DEPOSITS.   Where keys are required for the use of a facility or amenity of the Association, a deposit of $5.00 per key will be required.


            O.        SERVICE CHARGES.   Certain services are available from the Association for a fee based on availability of staff, equipment and materials. Fees are subject to appropriate sales tax.


                                      1.   Fill dirt Delivered (Ford Dump Truck)                               $40.00 per load

                                      2.   Fill dirt Delivered (International Dump Truck                     $70.00 per load

                                       *3.   Dump Truck (Ford)                                                       $40.00 per hour

                                    *4.   Dump Truck (International                                                $55.00 per hour

                                    *5.   Motor  Grader                                                                  $50.00 per hour

                                    *6.   Loader                                                                 $45.00 per hour

                                    *7.   Labor                                                                   $15.00 per hour

                                    *8.   Tractor                                                                 $35.00 per hour

                                      9.   Gravel- Sold by the Yard - Delivered                                $20.00 per yard


                        *Two (2) Hour Minimum.


            P.         These Rules and Regulations may be amended, modified and supplemented by additional rules by action of the Board of Directors of the Association at a duly noticed regular or special meeting of the Board.


                        These Rules and Regulations have been duly adopted by a unanimous vote at a membership meeting of the Association on May 5, 1998, and said Rules and Regulations are effective as of the date of their adoption.

Revised 3/20/02 & 3/26/02 & 4/23/02                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7                     



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